Lama Fera is the world’s fastest healing technique used by the Buddhist monks. It is used for removal of the negative energies from the person, home, etc… Lama Fera kit is used to practice Lama Fera healing.

Lama Fera kit includes:

(1).Sketchu Mala (Bodhi Mala)- it is made of beads carved out of special kind of tree in Tibet called Bodhi tree.

(2).Earth Sticks- four Earth Sticks are used to protect person from Earth energy.

(3).Healing Wand (Burning Stick)- it is filled with crytals.The healer uses wand to channelises the Universal energy from the universe to the person.

(4).Maroon Robe- it is worn by the healer. Maroon color is auspicious. It protects the healer from negative energies of the patient.

Lama Fera kit is purified & energised with the symbols & mantras at Devsatyayuga.

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