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Explore Health, Wellness and Spirituality at Devsatyayuga

Welcome to Our Health, Wellness & Spiritual Centre

Welcome to our health, wellness  & spiritual center. We are here to help you understand how to be healthy and happy.

It is a special place where we learn about taking care of our body and mind. It’s like a treasure trove of information that helps us feel our best.

Harmony of Health, Beauty and Spirit

Enhance Your Natural beauty with Expert Beauty Services. Our center offers health counselling, expert beauty services, transformative spiritual courses, rejuvenating healing therapies, a wellness store, motivational workshops and an extensive classroom programme. Explore our offerings to uncover your natural beauty, nourish your body and uplift your spirit.


Our Health & Wellness Centre (Consultations)

Get advice on staying healthy and feeling your best from our experts

Our Aesthetic & Cosmetic Centre

Boost your self confidence through various treatments and services

Our Spiritual Centre (Courses)

Learn how to find inner peace and happiness through courses in meditation, yoga etc...

Our Healing Centre

Relief and recovery through special therapies like massages, energy healing etc...

Our Workshops

Join our classes and on topics like stress management, self-care etc...

Our Class Schedule

Check our schedule to see when the classes and activities are happening

Our Testimonials

Yoga, Meditation & Healing sessions

I go for Yoga, Meditation, and for healing sessions. All things are good.

Diya Rai


I am a Reiki student. It is one of the best centre for Energy healing.

Abdul Kadir

Our Class Schedule

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